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At least 19 species formerly endemic to Réunion have become extinct following human colonisation. Géraldine Marcon: chronologie : L'histoire des enfants réunionnais déplacés en métropole. Historical population edit Year Population Year Population Year Population,826 Official data from insee by census or estimate; estimates shown in italics. 36 Because of the diverse population, other languages are also spoken such as Comorian language varieties (especially Shimaore Malagasy by recent immigrants from Mayotte and Madagascar, Mandarin, Hakka and Cantonese by members of the Chinese community, but fewer people speak these languages as younger generations. Although the first French claims date from 1638, when François Cauche and Salomon Goubert visited in June 1638, 7 the island was officially claimed by Jacques Pronis of France in 1642, when he deported a dozen French mutineers to the island from Madagascar. It is above a hotspot in the Earth's crust. Although not official, Réunion Creole is the native language of a large part of the population and is spoken alongside French. Most large towns have a Hindu temple and a mosque. 5 The island is possibly featured on a map from 1153 AD by Al Sharif el-Edrisi. Histoire de la justice dans les Mascareignes (in French). "Plage de l'Ermitage" beach Climate edit The climate in Réunion is tropical, but temperature moderates with elevation.

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Geography edit Main article: Geography of Réunion The island is 63 km (39 mi) long; 45 km (28 mi) wide; and covers 2,512 km2 (970 sq mi). Known as the Children of Creuse, they and their fate came to light in 2002 when one of them, Jean-Jacques Martial, filed suit against the French state for kidnapping and deportation of a minor. Retrieved 15 November 2016. Humpback whales migrate north to the island from the Antarctic waters annually during the Southern Hemisphere winter (JuneSeptember) to breed and feed, and can be routinely observed from the shores of Réunion during this season. Afterwards, many of the foreign workers came as indentured workers. 3 Contents History edit A 1816 10-cent coin, Isle de Bourbon Not much is known of Réunion's history prior to the arrival of the Portuguese in the early 16th century. There are no indigenous people on the island, as it was originally deserted. Archived from the original on Retrieved "World Meteorological Organization: Global Weather Climate Extremes". During the Napoleonic Wars, the island was invaded by a Royal Navy squadron led by Commodore Josias Rowley in 1810, who used the old name of "Bourbon". Local names for these are Yabs, Cafres, Malbars and Chinois. La «rafle européenne» du 26 mai (AP Le TempsGiuseppe (Jousé/Josep en niçois) Garibaldi (prononciation italienne :.d u z p p e a r i b les femmes mariées avec kik a l d couples en quête de lhomme dans létat de morelos i Écouter). The last is accessible only on foot or by helicopter.

: Great Britain Hydrographic Office. This budget is also partly funded by the state, the region, the department, and the European Union for some development and investment programs. It is also subdivided into 49 cantons, meaningful only for electoral purposes at the departmental or regional level. Creoles (a name given to those born on the island, regardless of ethnic origins) make up the majority of the population. Réunion also has three calderas : the Cirque de Salazie, the Cirque de Cilaos and the Cirque de Mafate. Precipitation levels vary greatly within the island, with the east being much wetter than the west. Les souples et les rigides. Des lentilles correctrices souples, rigides, de couleurs ou encore cosmétiques. The French government of Dominique de Villepin sent an emergency aid package worth 36 million and deployed about 500 troops in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes on the island. The most widely spoken language, Réunion Creole, derives from French. 15 The Piton de la Fournaise is created by a hotspot volcano, which also created the Piton des Neiges and the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Religion edit See also: Islam in Réunion and Hinduism in Réunion Catholic church of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges in Cilaos The predominant religion is Christianity, notably Roman Catholicism, with a single (Latin Rite) jurisdiction, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint-Denis-de-La Réunion. Marie Garibaldi.À la fin du XIX e siècle AFP.5) Une.

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Retrieved Piton de la Fournaise on m Thomas Staudacher. "Slaves, Freedmen and Indentured Laborers in Colonial Mauritius". Foreign relations edit Although diplomacy, military, and French government matters are handled by Paris, Réunion is a member of La Francophonie, the Indian Ocean Commission, the International Trade Union Confederation, the Universal Postal Union, the Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa, and the. Offshore, part of the west coast is characterised by a coral reef la réunion des femmes de varèse côme workopolis réunions saluzzo system. Islands in the southern Indian Ocean westward of Longitude 80 degrees east, including Madagascar. "Estimation de population par région, sexe et grande classe d'âge - Années 1975 à 2018" (in French). Movies are projected on a large screen in front of a crowd. Newspapers edit Two main newspapers: Film edit Blogs edit Economy edit Main article: Economy of Réunion The east dock of Réunion's main seaport in Le Port. Tourism is now an important source of income. Citation needed Hindu festival, 19th annonce rencontre femme gratuit kawartha lakes century During the Second World War, Réunion was under the authority of the Vichy regime until 30 November 1942, when Free French forces took over the island with the destroyer Léopard. Religious Intelligence estimates Christians to.9 of the population, followed by Hindus (6.7) and Muslims (2.2). Beesoon, Sanjay; Funkhouser, Ellen; Kotea, Navaratnam; la réunion des femmes de varèse côme workopolis réunions saluzzo Spielman, Andrew; Robich, Rebecca. It has erupted more than 100 times since 1640, and is under constant monitoring, most recently erupting on 14 During another eruption in April 2007, the lava flow was estimated at 3,000,000 m3 (3,900,000 cu yd) per day. All of the ethnic groups comprising the island are immigrant populations that have come to Réunion from Europe, Asia and Africa over the centuries. The first private local radio station, Radio Freedom, was introduced in 1981. The low number of communes, compared with French metropolitan departments of similar size and population, is unique: most of its communes encompass several localities, sometimes separated by significant distances.

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Language edit French is the only official language of Réunion. "seas-OI, vigisat international success Réunion Island acquires an acquisition and processing system for high-resolution satellite images". A b c d Moriarty, Cpt. "Island disease hits 50,000 people". Grand Anse is a tropical white-sand beach lined with coconut trees in the south of Réunion, with a rock pool built for swimmers, a pétanque playground, and a picnic area. "Crise requin: Les causes scientifiques sous les projecteurs de la revue "Nature" via zinfo974. It has been home to notable pro surfers including Jeremy Flores, Johanne Defay and Justine Mauvin. Also, some people of Vietnamese ancestry live on the island, though they are very few in number. Despite its name, snow ( French : neige ) practically never falls on the summit. 27 These populations have mixed from the earliest days of the island's colonial history (the first settlers married women from Madagascar and of Indo-Portuguese heritage resulting in a majority population of mixed race and of "Creole" culture. Disqus terms of service. Agathe appeared in A Shot at Glory, whilst Robert was in Goal!

la réunion des femmes de varèse côme workopolis réunions saluzzo

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41 GDP sector composition in 2013 (contribution of each sector to the total gross value added 42 Sector of total GVA Agriculture, forestry and fishing.5 Detail Agriculture and forestry.1 Fishing.3 Mining and quarrying.0 Manufacturing.4 Detail Food manufacturing (of which: sugar. Bibliography edit External links edit Government General information Coordinates : 210652S 553157E /.11444S.53250E / -21.11444;.53250. See also edit References edit a b insee. According to estimates, Whites ( petits blancs and gros blancs ) make up roughly one quarter of the population, 29 Malbars make up more than 25 of the population and people of Chinese ancestry form roughly. Famous break St Leu has been host to several world surfing championship competitions. "Theoretical Considerations upon the origin and nomenclature of the present rose cultivars". Retrieved b "Gross domestic product (GDP) at current market prices by nuts 2 regions". Please note that disqus operates this forum. See the History section for more details. Diogo Lopes de Sequeira is said to have landed on the islands of Réunion and Rodrigues in 1509. "Reunion sees 'colossal' volcano eruption, but population safe". 11 12 A few cases also appeared in mainland France, carried by people travelling by airline.

la réunion des femmes de varèse côme workopolis réunions saluzzo